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  1. The Filo Furniture Full Grain Leather Sofa features a minimalist design and sleek understatement, making it the perfect addition to the modern home. It has plush deep seats, perfect for lounging.
  2. With a solid wood frame and curved spring suspension, the sofa's cushions are filled with foam and polyfibre for a soft and supportive feel.
  3. The Filo Furniture full grain leather sofa is as beautiful as it is well made. It features ruched rolled arms with beautifully clean detailing and a simple silhouette that blends into almost any living space.
  4. While it may not be the best choice for larger families or those looking for a sofa designed for optimal spreading and lounging, it is an gorgeous piece that can be seen in many different design styles It all looks great.
  5. In addition to its good looks, this sofa is impeccably crafted and will last for many years if cared for properly.…More»
  10. The Filo Furniture Full Grain Leather Sofa Simple and stylish
  11. Full Grain Leather Sofa/Aniline Leather Sofa/Leather Sofa
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