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  1. The length of a surfboard is the first characteristic one should look up to when making an investment decision.
  2. Why? Because the size of the surfboard is the main variable impacting the size and type of waves and the surfer's experience level.
  3. If you get the right size board for your riding level, you'll reduce the margin of error by more than half.
  4. And if the board you've just bought adapts to two-thirds (66 percent) of the waves you typically surf, then you've made an optimal investment.
  5. One of the most common mistakes beginner surfers make is buying the wrong surfboard, i.e., getting obsessed with shortboards.
  6. A shortboard requires intermediate experience and usually waves bigger than two feet. It is useless and frustrating under a novice's feet.
  7. If you're learning to surf, the rule of thumb is the bigger the board, the faster you'll stand up and start riding a wave.
  8. Simultaneously, you won't take a longboard to big, hollow waves like Pipeline or Puerto Escondido.
  9. In the end, surfboard length is a critical variable that should always be considered before purchase.…More»
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