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  1. [ERROR] fs_cli.c:1610 main() Error Connecting [Socket Connection Error]
  2. Usage: ./fs_cli [-H <host>] [-P <port>] [-p <secret>] [-d <level>] [-x command] [-t <timeout_ms>] [profile]
  4.   -?,-h --help                    Usage Information
  5.   -H, --host=hostname             Host to connect
  6.   -P, --port=port                 Port to connect (1 - 65535)
  7.   -u, --user=user@domain          user@domain
  8.   -p, --password=password         Password
  9.   -i, --interrupt                 Allow Control-c to interrupt
  10.   -x, --execute=command           Execute Command and Exit
  11.   -l, --loglevel=command          Log Level
  12.   -U, --log-uuid                  Include UUID in log output
  13.   -S, --log-uuid-short            Include shortened UUID in log output
  14.   -q, --quiet                     Disable logging
  15.   -r, --retry                     Retry connection on failure
  16.   -R, --reconnect                 Reconnect if disconnected
  17.   -d, --debug=level               Debug Level (0 - 7)
  18.   -b, --batchmode                 Batch mode
  19.   -t, --timeout                   Timeout for API commands (in miliseconds)
  20.   -T, --connect-timeout           Timeout for socket connection (in miliseconds)
  21.   -n, --no-color                  Disable color