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  1. 12:35:52 ambriento: Im trying to make FS act as a sort of SBC. 2 sip profiles lets say internal & external. On the internal side I have a SIP proxy. On the external side I have a SIP SBC
  2. 12:36:16 ambriento: (im struggling to make myself clear, I'll improve on that. watch me)
  3. 12:36:32 ambriento: I have no local users on FS at all
  4. 12:36:51 ambriento: so call from one side reachs its SIP profile, then its bridged to the other side
  5. 12:37:47 ambriento: the issue is A calls B and when B answers the call, A sees in his phone "Outbound Call" as calee id name
  6. 12:38:28 ambriento: although I have received the callee id name from the called party on 200 OK response.
  7. 12:38:34 ambriento: is that a bit more clear?
  8. 12:40:30 ambriento: its something like this: bunch of phones -> SIP Gateway/SBC -> myFS -> SIP Proxy -> bunch of phones
  9. 12:44:52 FreeMe: I would have expected
  10. 12:45:13 FreeMe: SIP Gateway -> myFS -> SIP Proxy -> SBC ->bunch of phones
  11. 12:45:58 FreeMe: I usually run SBC down by the router side of things
  12. 12:49:37 ambriento: the name SBC is argueble too. Its called that way cause Cisco calls it like that. It is intended to be uses as a border device, except in this case the borders are just 2 routable LANs
  13. 12:50:44 ambriento: I can draw the arrows both ways too. the bunch of phones from one side wants to talk to the other side and vice-versa
  14. 12:52:41 ambriento: they are doing it just fine; just the caller's display isnt updated with the callee name and always shows "Outbound Call", no matter if the call flows from right to left or left to right