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  1. What better way to commemorate a special occasion or to award someone who deserves to be rewarded than with custom medals, personalised ribbons, trophies or a commemorative plaque.
  2. At Global Art Gifts, we believe the power lies in the tiniest of accessories. And with the help of customisation, we are here to create beautiful commemoration pieces that will not only represent your brand but also serve as a lasting memory piece for the person who receives the award – whether that person is a valued employee at your company or a loved one who has accomplished something very important.
  3. The custom medals we design are available in multiple shapes and sizes and in a number of plating and colour combinations.
  4. Let us help you create a product that will serve as a worthy corporate gift or one that is used to congratulate that special someone.
  5. High quality custom medals are essential for people, we can assure you that our quality products are set to impress anyone and everyone.…More»
  10. Custom event medals and medals with ribbons
  11. metal badge / activity medals / awards medal with ribbon
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