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  1. <cpa>
  2.   <-- map mod_simpleamd events to CPA -->
  3.   <detector name="amd">
  4.     <start application="simpleamd_start" data=""/>
  5.         <stop application="simpleamd_stop" data=""/>
  6.         <event class="CUSTOM" subclass="simpleamd::amd" type-header="Value">
  7.           <signal-type header-value="AMD NO VOICE" value="novoice"/>
  8.           <signal-type header-value="AMD MACHINE VOICE" value="machine"/>
  9.           <signal-type header-value="AMD MACHINE SILENCE" value="machine"/>
  10.           <signal-type header-value="AMD MACHINE BEEP" value="beep"/>
  11.           <signal-type header-value="AMD HUMAN VOICE" value="human"/>
  12.           <signal-type header-value="AMD HUMAN SILENCE" value="human"/>
  13.         </event>
  14.   </detector>
  15. </cpa>

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